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Engineering Design and CAD – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Tremmel

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Our group is active in basic research as well as in industrial collaborative research, contract research and knowledge transfer. The various topics are coordinated in three teams:

The Digitalization team conducts research on various aspects of the product lifecycle with the overall goal of creating transparent, data-consistent, coordinated, efficient engineering processes and solutions. Methods of classical mechanical engineering, virtual product development and simulation science are combined. The focus is on topics such as the digital twin, the acquisition and management of product data, the automation of development processes and function-integrating machine elements.

The FEM team works on topics relating to the finite element method. This includes the development of simulation-based calculation approaches in conjunction with finite element analysis, as well as the development of finite element software and application-specific simulation tools.

The Materials and Tribology team conducts research on issues in the following areas

  • Material and process-oriented design and structural optimization
  • Additive manufacturing and cascaded recycling through sustainable design
  • Tribologically effective thin films and characterization of tribological behaviour
  • Multiscale modeling and tribosimulation

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